LISBON – Greater unity needed to overcome COVID-19 crisis

The response to the current crisis requires unity, said Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa yesterday, adding that the execution of European financial resources over the next few years requires minimal bureaucracy and maximum transparency.

“Once again, I invite the political forces represented in this parliament, the social partners, the autonomous regions and the local authorities to make their contribution, because overcoming this crisis is a plan that should unite us,” said Costa at the opening of a debate on the country’s Recovery and Resilience Plan, which will be sent to Brussels.

Meanwhile, Portugal is expected to record a 0.7% deficit this year as its public debt may rise to 133.8% of its GDP, according to a report for Brussels released on Wednesday (23 Septembre). The number of job seekers with unemployment benefits rose by 39% in August to 224,568, according to monthly Social Security statistics.

(Pedro Morais Fonseca, Patrícia Dinis and Lucília Tiago,

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