LJUBLJANA – No apology for Srebrenica tweet

An opposition Social Democrat MP asked the national assembly speaker on Monday to call on Prime Minister Janez Janša “to apologise to all the victims of Srebrenica for the insulting tweet he wrote a few days ago”.  

Janša tweeted that the 1995 Srebrenica massacre would not have occurred had the United Nations condemned post-WWII ‘communist genocide’, the way it condemned the Holocaust, drawing criticism at home and abroad.

Speaker Igor Zorčič refused to take the request for an apology into consideration, after which most opposition deputies walked out.

Janša then took the floor to explain he was referring to a study he had written in 2009 about the events after the fall of the Berlin Wall, including the bloodshed in the former Yugoslavia. “Since 2009, I have always highlighted this study on the anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide and I did it this year as well,” he said.


In other news, the government’s proposed changes to media laws have been met with criticism, as they would drastically reduce funding for state broadcaster RTS and official news agency STA, and give the government more say in appointing management boards. Those affected are outraged, not least because the government has devoted just five days of public debate to such drastic changes, according to news website www.24ur.si.

 (Zoran Radosavljević | EURACTIV.com)

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