LJUBLJANA – PM sees digital tax as EU’s best resource

“Subsidies will have to be repaid. One of the major shifts is contained in these few words, which speak of the EU’s own resources, because in seven years time, when we negotiate the next budget, this will be a key thing,” Prime Minister Janez Janša said on Tuesday (21 July).

Janša highlighted digital taxation as probably the EU’s biggest potential own resource in the future and said that taxation of emissions and plastics is a problem for those countries that have already included these resources in their national tax policy.

The COVID-19 crisis, he said, has already significantly boosted the profits of digital giants as it has accelerated lifestyle changes. These profits will at least double in the next five years, they are generated everywhere and taxes are not collected here at all. “It’s like refuelling cars without paying all the excise taxes,” he said.

The area of ​​the digital tax cannot be regulated by any EU member alone, as only the EU is big and strong enough to solve this issue and negotiate a global agreement that will benefit everyone. “When it comes to the big giants, not even the countries they come from have serious control over profits,” he added.

He said the shift in thinking about new own resources took place more in the background of the summit and remains out of the spotlight.

(Zoran Radosavljević | EURACTIV.com)

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