MADRID – Reforming tourism after COVID-19

Tourism cannot be left out of the transition towards a green and digital economy which “is not a choice or an option, it is an obligation,” European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, told the EURAGORA forum while stressing the hard-hit sector’s “crucial role” for the economies of Spain and Portugal.

“Tourism is a key sector for our countries,” but also for Europe, hence the important effort to recover activity, the Portuguese politician said on the second and final day of the forum organized by the Spanish news agency EFE and Portugal’s Lusa.

The initial recovery plans – “pillars of the European relaunch” – total more than €100 billion and will have a significant impact on the tourism sector, Ferreira said.

The challenges facing the industry include the development of tourism capacity in rural areas, which has greatly increased in recent years but still has a significant margin for growth and must face specific needs, such as digitization and quality of service.


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