Montenegrin government could face no-confidence vote

Montenegro's parliament building in Podgorica. [Shutterstock / Katarzyna Uroda]

The civic movement URA, led by Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazović, sent an initiative for a vote of no confidence for the current government to the parliamentary procedure, the party said. It added that it was a test of whether the concept of a minority government, which they had previously proposed, had a majority in parliament.

Some. 31 MPs signed an initiative from the opposition and the Black and White coalition, led by URA. On the list are MPs’ signatures from SDP, SD, Liberal party, Bosniak and two Albanian parties., including some MPs from DPS, the party of Montenegro President Milo Đukanović. Abazović recently confirmed expectations that the new, minority government would have DPS support without participation. That could change if and when Đukanović resigns as DPS President.

Other parties in the governing coalition refused to sign.

The Montenegro Assembly has 81 MPs, and the government has a majority of 42. Votes of the Black and White coalition are crucial for the majority.

DPS announced support for every action aimed at rejecting the current government.

Aleksa Bečić, Assembly Speaker and Democrats party president, described the initiative as the announcement of the constitutional coup attempt.

Several ministers called Abazović to resign.

Discussion on the initiative is expected in the beginning of February. US special envoy for Western Balkans Gabriel Escobar has announced a visit to Podgorica in that period.

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