Pandemic nightmare returns in Greece

Vaccination rates have been stuck at 60% for a long time now. [EPA-EFE / ALEXANDER BELTES]

The National Public Health Organisation (EODY) reported on Tuesday one of the highest numbers of daily cases (3,739) since the pandemic started as vaccination rates remain low compared to other EU countries.

Vaccination rates have been stuck at 60% for a long time now, and Professor Sotiris Tsiodras, who successfully led efforts to contain the pandemic during the first two phases, came back to convince Greeks to get vaccinated. 

He cited a new study suggesting that thanks to vaccination, Greece has avoided 8,400 deaths and 5,560 ICU admissions and 5,530 intubations. “The winter season is not expected to be easy,” Tsiodras warned.

According to the Ministry of Health, particularly low numbers have been recorded in the over-60s (20%) and the over-80s (25%) age groups.

On 5 October, the Greek government stated that the coronavirus pandemic is over, despite the objection of the Ministry of Health Experts Committee for COVID-19. “Red” high transmission areas were removed, their corresponding restrictions were lifted and protective measures for the fully vaccinated or recovered were relaxed.

(Matthaios Tsimitakis |

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