Pandora Papers feature over 40 Slovaks

Peevski, who was an MP and has control over much of the media, is said to be linked to three offshore companies that are not mentioned in his property declarations. [Shutterstock/ Olivier Le Moal]

The massive leak of financial papers known as the Pandora Papers features more than 40 Slovaks, including criminals wanted by the police, real estate developers, and people on the American sanctions list.

Besides Czechia’s Slovak-born Prime Minister, Andrej Babiš, the Pandora Papers also include Martin Bahleda, lawyer and associate of Jozef Brhel, an oligarch who has been prosecuted for alleged corruption.

Brhel is a businessman with connections to the former ruling party Smer-SD led by former prime minister Robert Fico. He was arrested and charged for corruption related to the implementation of electronic cash registers in 2017.

According to media sources, Brhel used a company partly owned by Bahleda based in Malta. The company’s other shareholder was Prague-based businessman Michal Suchoba, who was responsible for delivering the IT solutions for Slovakia’s financial administration to handle the new system of cash registers.

Suchoba and Bahleda have also been charged in the case.

Besides specific names, the Pandora Papers also features 48 companies with ties to Slovakia. However, the names are not yet known.

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