PODGORICA – Montenegro inaugurates new parliament

Speaking at the inaugural session of Montenegro’s new parliament yesterday (23 September), Democratic Front MP Milan Knezević announced that his alliance had nominated Aleksa Bečić, leader of the coalition Peace is Our Nation, as the Montenegrin speaker, and Zdravko Krivokapić, the lead name on the list of candidates titled “For the Future of Montenegro” as the country’s prime minister-designate.

“We are not interested in seats, but only in the future of Montenegro and all its peoples,” Knezević has said.

The three coalitions, For the Future of Montenegro, Black and White and Peace is Our Nation, hold a majority of 41 seats in the 81-seat parliament, and are able to create a new cabinet and make the Democratic Party of Socialists an opposition party after it was 30 years in power.

The terms of 81 MPs have been verified at the session.


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