Polish ministry begins talks on additional support for gastronomy, event industries

Very few companies had business interruption insurance when COVID-19 hit, while the industry is considering to exclude pandemic coverage given the huge costs. [Shutterstock/Elzbieta Krzysztof]

Poland’s development, labour and technology ministry has planned two video conferences this week to speak to representatives of the events and gastronomy industries about the sector’s demands,  Deputy Minister Olga Semeniuk announced on Tuesday.

The deputy minister emphasised that the government is aware of the impact closed restaurants and cancelled events have on businesses and hoped that a common agreement would be reached between both parties, with more support given to the struggling sectors.

Semeniuk stated that from the beginning of the outbreak, entrepreneurs had received financial support worth PLN200 billion as part of the so-called “anti-crisis shields.” No mass bankruptcies of the 2.5 million companies currently operating in Poland were recorded, she added.

Restaurants, cafes and bars in Poland can currently serve guests with takeaways or home delivery. Similar restrictions were in force in March and April last year, with the ban on serving guests inside the premises, introduced in October, extended several times. 

However, for the time being, it is unclear when the food and events sectors will be able to reopen. According to the government, industries related to the organisation of fairs, events, exhibitions and concerts could be among the last to reopen. Many entrepreneurs operating in the field of gastronomy and events have already decided to close their business or change profession due to the long term closures. (Monika Mojak | EURACTIV.pl)

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