Polish parliament calls on Russia to release Navalny, associates

Sejm (lower house) at the Polish parliament building in Warsaw, Poland, 18 November 2020. [EPA-EFE/RAFAL GUZ]

The lower house of the Polish parliament, the Sejm, passed a resolution on Thursday – with 438 votes in favour, one against and one abstaining – condemning Russia’s arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalny and the repressions used against him and his close associates.

“The Sejm of the Republic of Poland expresses admiration for the steadfast attitude of Alexei Navalny, who gives the world an example of uncompromising attitude in matters most important to democracy and the rule of law,” the resolution writes.

In the resolution, MPs also called on the Russian authorities “to end the repressions against Navalny and his associates and to immediately release the detainees ” and demand from the Kremlin “an objective investigation into the attempted poisoning of Russia’s opposition leader and punish the perpetrators of this act.”

Last but not least, the resolution urged the Russian authorities to “respect their basic obligations towards citizens. which result from the adopted acts of international law ”.

However, members of the Confederation party objected to the content of the resolution, calling it “bizarre”. (Monika Mojak | EURACTIV.pl)

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