Portugal receives 273 Afghan musicians, artists

Afghan citizens are seen at a bus after landing in Portugal. [EPA-EFE / MARIO CRUZ]

Portugal has opened its doors to 273 Afghan citizens, most of whom are artists and musicians, following a joint operation with the National Music Institute of Afghanistan.

This new reception by Portugal of Afghan citizens was disclosed by Prime Minister António Costa on his official Twitter account.

“It is with great joy and a spirit of international solidarity that we receive 273 Afghan citizens in Portugal today, in an operation in conjunction with [friends] of the National Music Institute of Afghanistan (ANIM),” he wrote.

In his message, the prime minister said they are “students, young women and men, with their direct relatives, including siblings, who will have the opportunity to live and resume their studies in Portugal”.

“In addition to the reception, which honours us greatly, we will guarantee these people health care, education and social integration,” Costa added.

For the Prime Minister, “these young people will thus be able to fulfil their dream of a musical and artistic career in freedom, peace and security”.


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