Portugal wants to unblock gender quotas on company boards

Portugal wants to unblock gender quotas on company boards. [Shutterstock/Devenorr]

Besides, a set of binding measures on wage transparency is also expected to be adopted.

“It is a difficult subject, which has many differences. On the one hand, countries that do not agree with the measure, on the other, countries that think they should decide on their own without an EU directive that says so. It is a difficult consensus, but we will try to take steps”, the minister of the presidency, Mariana Vieira da Silva, said on Wednesday. 

The minister recalled that one of the main priorities of the Portuguese presidency is “strengthening the social pillar in a context of economic and social recovery, and of climate and digital transition”.

Moreover, Portugal intends to ensure that the implementation of the Social Rights Pillar incorporates the gender perspective and takes into account the impact of COVID-19 on gender equality, by focusing on issues related to the labour market, income, and reconciliation between professional, personal, and family life. (Susana Venceslau, Lusa.pt)

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