Report: Poland remains most homophobic EU country

Poland remains most homophobic EU country, a new report says. [Shutterstock/Dariusz Grochal]

For a second consecutive year running, Poland is reported to be the least LGBTI-friendly EU country,  ranking in a lower place then the previous year, according to the newest Rainbow Europe Index published this week by the advocacy group ILGA-Europe.

Out of 100 possible points, Poland received only 13. In Europe, only Belarus (12 points), Monaco (11), Russia (10), Armenia (8), Turkey (4), and Azerbaijan (2) were ranked even lower.

ILGA-Europe criticised the insufficient protection given to the LGBTI community during protests in Poland and the restrictions on their freedom of expression. “People are being actively attacked by the police during public events, instead of being protected due to the anti-LGBT resolutions that have been passed by local governments”, said the organisation.

During Tuesday’s webinar by the European Commission Representation in Poland, and global political network foundation EU commissioner Helena Dalli stressed that in Poland some self-governments support LGBTIQ communities, whereas discriminate.

“In Poland we have both Szprotawa, where the city council adopted a declaration of solidarity with LGBTIQ, and over 100 municipalities which adopted resolutions against so-called ‘LGBT ideology’”, said Dalli.

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