Romania will need to optimise recovery plan

EU poster labeled 'NEXT GEN EU' is seen on a hospital corridor during the visit of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, at Bucharest University Emergency Hospital in Bucharest, Romania, 27 September 2021. [EPA-EFE/Robert Ghement]

Some things need to be optimised in the national recovery and resilience plan earlier than the mechanism’s regulations says, Romania’s finance minister Adrian Caciu said.

In an interview given to EURACTIV’s media partner HotNews, Caciu says Romania will lose some of the funds included in the NRRP, so part of the investments included in the plan would need to be rescaled. “As long as the plan keeps its main objective, part of the targets and some milestones can be adjusted,” the minister said.

Caciu insisted that Romania will not be the only member state to change its plan. “We had talks within ECOFIN and in Brussels. There will be adjustments in all the national recovery plans. The situation is changing all over Europe. It is very dynamic,” Caciu told HotNews.

Romania will lose almost €2 billion from the grants included in its plan approved by the EU due to better than expected economic growth, the EU funds minister Dan Vilceanu said last week.

Discussions about changing the recovery and resilience plan have not stopped in Romania. However, the European Commission has said multiple times the government should focus on implementing the plan rather than trying to change it. One of the major milestones included in the plan for 2022 is pension law reform, a major headache for all parties due to the public’s sensitivity to the matter.

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