ROME – Anti-coronavirus measures extended until end of July

Italy’s government will extend its anti-coronavirus decree until the end of July, Health Minister Roberto Speranza announced on Tuesday, adding that “the fight against the virus is not finished, we have to be cautious.” This means that facemasks and quarantine for people from outside the EU will now be mandatory.

“With half a million deaths, we cannot let our guard down. Even scientists agree that we all should wear facemasks, keep the social distance and wash our hands,” he said, pointing to the fact that “there are more than 13 million infected people worldwide.”

“There is no zero-risk without a vaccine”, said Speranza. “We should not underestimate the pandemic situation, as the virus is not losing ground,” he added.

“The reopening of schools is the most important issue”, the minister said, highlighting that “without it, we will never really be out of the lockdown. But we should manage it carefully, with constant monitoring of the school personnel”.

(Alessandro Follis |

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