ROME – Conte promises that schools will reopen regularly

´“We worked tirelessly to assure that students could return safely to school. This year the context is new for everyone, but thanks to our work the school year will start regularly on 14 September”, said Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in an attempt to address the increasing worries about the safety of students and teachers returning to school.

“Some new rules will apply and quarantine measures for entire classes could be enforced in worst-case scenarios, but overall I recommend to respect the rules and tackle the new year with confidence”, said the prime minister.

“We invested €7 billion on school, it was a team effort from all the ministers and administrations involved,” he added.

“We made an effort to be able to distribute more than 11 million face masks daily for students and teachers. 2.5 million new desks have been found in just two months. Some have already been delivered and we plan to finalise the deliveries by the end of October”, Conte said.

For her part, Transport Minister Paola De Micheli has announced that on public transportation “face masks will be mandatory” and capacity will be “reduced to 80%”, adding that “sanitising gel distributors will be installed and personnel will have to verify that everyone on board wears a face mask”. (Alessandro Follis |

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