ROME – ‘EU lived up to its history’, PM Conte says

“It has been an extraordinary meeting, also in terms of difficulty. The agreement represents a key achievement which shows that the European Union lived up to its history”, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte told the Senate on Wednesday (22 July) after addressing the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies in separate meetings about the European Council summit which decided on the EU Recovery Fund and the EU’s next long-term budget known.

“The EU is facing a life-changing crisis, one that forced its citizens to reconsider their perspectives and development. The EU was able to answer with courage, approving for the first time an ambitious budget programme”, the prime minister added.

“This powerful financing programme is geared towards economic growth, sustainable development and the green transition. The outcome is a more cohesive, social and political EU, one closer to its citizens,” said Conte.

The Italian prime minister then spoke of the difficulty of negotiations, stating that “there were moments when the inflexibility of some positions seemed to be an insurmountable obstacle.”

“But we knew we had to be responsible. We could not fail, nor achieve a mediocre compromise or postpone the decision further. This result does not belong to the individuals nor the governments. It belongs to Italy as a whole,” he said.

“Our reform plan has already been outlined. It will be a collective work and we need to use the resources efficiently” the prime minister concluded. (Alessandro Follis |

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