ROME – Italian COVID app ‘Immuni’ lacks sufficient users to be effective

Italy’s official coronavirus app known as ‘Immuni’ has been downloaded about 4.3 million times, a number which reflects just 12% of people between 24 and 75 with access to a smartphone, Italy’s Innovation Minister Paola Pisano told the Senate during a presentation outlining the use of the app.

“I never said this was the final solution”, said the minister. “Immuni is part of a broader strategy. It obviously will be more effective if it is used by a larger part of the population,” he told the Senate.

Special commissioner for the emergency, Domenico Arcuri, said at the beginning of July that the app “did not reach the expected target”, which was fixed at 60% of the total population.

According to Pisano, the app has registered 43 infected people so far.

“By these registrations, we could inform other people and prevent more infections. If the app allows us to save even one person, then it will be a success for us”, said Pisano, who went on to note that there has been a “great deal of disinformation about this app”.

(Alessandro Follis |

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