ROME – Lockdown heavily impacts family income

“More than half of the population suffered a drop in family income after the lockdown measures and the impact was particularly severe on autonomous workers,” according to a study conducted by the Bank of Italy, which surveyed Italian families between April and May, collecting information about their economic situation and expectations during the pandemic.

The study also confirmed that almost one-third of all Italian families will not be able to go on holidays.

Over a third of those surveyed claimed to have liquid assets covering less than three months of their essential expenses, such as food and energy.

According to the survey, this share exceeds 50% when taking into account only unemployed people and employees with fixed-term contracts.

The survey also shows that 30% of the population will not be able to go on holidays next summer, while 60% of them believe their expenses dedicated to travel, holidays, cinemas, restaurants and theatres will be lower than before the crisis. 

(Alessandro Follis |

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