ROME – Migrants test positive for COVID-19 on ‘quarantine ship’

28 migrants of the 209 currently aboard the Moby Zazà have tested positive for COVID-19. The ferry ship, which was rented by the government from Moby Lines to serve as a so-called ‘quarantine ship’ for migrants during the crisis, accommodates those rescued in international waters by Sea Watch and is currently at anchor near Porto Empedocle, Sicily. 

“The procedures in place for the migrants aboard the quarantine ship Moby Zazà guarantee the health safety of the country,” government sources reported. “All the migrants were treated according to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health,” they added.

“28 migrants were tested positive aboard the quarantine ship in Porto Empedocle, a solution which we deemed necessary to avoid the spread of coronavirus on the island,” said Nello Musumeci, governor of Sicily.

“This outcome proves the reasoning behind our request, which someone deemed as racist. Now we will enforce adequate safety measures to ensure the containment of the outbreak,” he added. (Alessandro Follis |

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