ROME – More centralized control over EU Recovery Fund spending

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte told the media during the intense negotiations on the EU Recovery Fund that there was no more room for joking around, adding that “we need to look at the broader horizon, as we are going to give a European answer to the crisis.”

Conte also said that “there has been a debate in the European Council, but I will never allow a single country to hold the power to control and verify spending of the Recovery Fund. It has to be done by a European institution, this is a point which I strongly support,” the PM added.

Conte also addressed the difficulties in the negotiations.

“There is a limit which cannot be crossed for the dignity of Italy and the other countries which were hit the hardest by the crisis,” said Conte, adding that he is “fighting for Italy to get an acceptable amount of the resources”, high enough to cope with the situation in the country.

Meanwhile, Italy’s opposition parties in Italy received support from Hungarian president Viktor Orbán. League leader Matteo Salvini and Brothers of Italy president, Giorgia Meloni, had both voiced their appreciation for the Hungarian PM and criticised Conte for his alleged shortcomings in the negotiations with the European Union. (Alessandro Follis |

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