ROME – Number discrepancy

Italy recorded 47,000 more deaths in March and April this year than in 2019, social security and retirement institute INPS said on Thursday (21 May).

By comparison, the number of COVID-19-related deaths officially recognised by the country’s Civil Protection Department amounts to about 28,000, most of which are in the North, according to an INPS study  “Analysis of Mortality in the COVID-19 Epidemic”.

The additional 19,000 registered are believed to be COVID-19-related deaths that have not been included in the daily estimates of the Civil Protection Department.

“The quantification of deaths due to COVID-19, carried out using the number of positive dead patients provided on a daily basis by the Civil Protection Department is now considered unreliable,” according to INPS.

INPS also noted that between March and April, the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Lodi and Piacenza had registered a death rate of over 200% and that almost all of north-western Italy had seen an increase in deaths of over 50%.

(Valentina Iorio |

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