ROME – Schools still set to reopen in September

Italian Education Minister Lucia Azzolina confirmed that schools will reopen on 14 September and new lockdowns would be “out of the question”. As opposition parties lashed out against the minister, she said she was ready to debate Lega’s Matteo Salvini on TV.

“There will not be a generalised lockdown like the one we had”, said Azzolina.

“We are ready now. Our guidelines clearly state what to do in case of new infections in schools. There has to be more responsibility from everyone involved,” she added, noting that her ministry is currently working on distance-learning, which “were non-existent before.”

“When the Recovery Fund will be available, we will use it also to improve school buildings and conditions, with fewer pupils per class and innovation on the methods, to comply with the students’ needs,” the country’s education minister said.

The minister’s reaction comes after school trade union leader Francesco Sinopoli stated that the conditions for reopening schools were not yet there.

Lega leader Matteo Salvini also criticised the situation, stating that not knowing how school will restart just two months before the scheduled date is unacceptable.

(Alessandro Follis |

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