Serb opposition says no to election boycott

Dodik said the allegations against him regarding a loan result from efforts by “foreign embassies”. [EPA-EFE / FEHIM DEMIR]

Milorad Dodik, Serb member of the tripartite BiH Presidency, said it is possible that his party, SNSD, will support the biggest Croatian party, HDZ BIH, in the election boycott next year if there will be no agreement on electoral law.

“If there would be an influence of foreigners in the work of the Central Election Commission (CIK), the Republika Srpska (RS, Serb entity) will not go to the polls either”, he said.

HDZ BIH is firm in its decision to ignore the elections if Croats will not have a legal guarantee to elect its representatives in the Presidency and the House of the Peoples of the BiH and Federation of BiH (Croat-Bosniak entity) parliaments.

“The opposition from RS may agree to participate in such elections, but we (SNSD, still the biggest party) would not participate. Here (in RS), we can prevent the elections from being conducted, not to open schools for election or otherwise”, Dodik said.

The opposition leaders in the RS reacted urgently, sending a message that they will not participate in the boycott.

“It is clear that Dodik represents the interests of HDZ (BIH) and Croatian politics more than his own people and the Republika Srpska. I no longer know what he promised, those are his and he lost himself in his intentions to create a constant crisis”, Branislav Borenović, the president of the opposition PDP, told N1.

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