Sinn Fein’s controversial voter database taken offline again

Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald. [EPA-EFE/AIDAN CRAWLEY]

Irish republican and socialist democratic party, Sinn Fein, has taken its voter database offline for the second time after having shut the original portal for the system after details of its existence were published by an Irish newspaper.

Sinn Féin said it closed down the password-protected website containing the names, addresses and perceived voting intentions of millions of voters as a “precautionary security measure”.

Sinn Féin health spokesperson David Cullinane later said the system had been “compromised” when the website domain was published. Now the database has been taken down again, though no Sinn Fein member has clarified why.

Last week, Sinn Fein published a privacy policy for its internal database which informed the public it planned to move their personal information to servers in Frankfurt, Germany, from London. However, Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald revealed the database was in breach of data protection rules.

(Paula Kenny |

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