Slovak officials told Nord Stream 2 will not affect gas supply through Ukraine

According to the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, the positive news for Slovakia is the assurance of Gazprom that it plans to continue the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine. [Shutterstock/ Ksanawo]

Board Chairman of Russia’s state-run natural gas monopoly Gazprom, Alexei Miller, confirmed that Slovakia has a stable position in Gazprom’s strategic plans in the meeting at the 24th International Economic Forum (SPIEF) with Slovak Economy Minister Richard Sulík and Foreign Minister Ivan Korčok in St. Petersburg on Friday.

“Alexei Miller explained in detail the reasons for building Nord Stream 2 as an alternative to Jamal Europa 1 and Jamal Europa 2, which run through Poland. This is confirmed by the fact that Russia has concluded a new gas transit agreement with Ukraine by 2024,” Sulík said.

The project would allow additional Russian gas to flow directly to Germany. Proponents argue the pipeline is a commercial investment that is key to Europe’s supply security, while opponents criticise Nord Stream 2 on environmental, geopolitical, and security grounds.

If Nord Stream 2 is completed and transit is diverted away from Ukraine, the available border capacity between Ukraine and neighbouring EU states may shrink, limiting the possibility for European companies to import and store gas in Ukraine.

Miller assured that “Gazprom is still interested in continuing cooperation with Slovakia,” Korčok wrote on Facebook. “In terms of mutual trade balance, Russia has long been our 9th most important partner,” he added. (Irena Jenčová |

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