For Spain, the proposal did not reflect the country’s main demand of a “mandatory solidarity mechanism” in Europe to alleviate the pressure and the heavy burden put on entry countries, and it imposes new border procedures that the Spanish government does not share.

After nine months of difficult negotiations, Madrid did not hold much hope of seeing its aspirations reflected in the new document as it is a minimum proposal that Spain will not reject outright, but neither will it applaud, government sources told El País.

The EC proposal does not include Spain’s demands for a “mandatory solidarity” system, based on the relocation of people and reflects the pressure from countries such as Hungary and Poland, which refuse to host asylum seekers in their territories, the sources lamented.

Spain did not ask for fixed quotas for the distribution of migrants, a formula that already failed in 2015, but Madrid required that all EU countries welcome part of the asylum seekers who arrive on its shores, taking into account its status as EU southern country and entry point for irregular immigration, and also the responsibility Spain takes for many rescue operations in the Mediterranean.

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