Speak to the Commission, save Europe

Health is a national competence but in light of this pandemic tragedy, citizens expect a responsible response at least now. [Shutterstock/Alexandros Michailidis]

EURACTIV has been reporting that EU member states do not share critical information with the EU regarding their needs to fight against COVID-19. This prevents the EU executive from having an overall picture of what the needs are, e.g. intensive care units (ICUs) and above all, to intervene in case an outbreak gets out of control.

On Wednesday, EU Commission chief admitted that their was a lack of proper information and called on member states for better coordination. “So that if there’s ever more pressure on beds in intensive care units then we can use those resources in the best way possible, and improve coordination between member states and moving patients from one intensive care unit to another which still has capacity … We’ve all learned that just taking a national approach very quickly reaches its limits,” she said.

Health is a national competence but in light of this pandemic, citizens expect a responsible response.

Blocking efforts for more Europe in the field of health is in direct contrast with the European Way of Life and at the end of the day, Europeans’ well-being.

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