STOCKHOLM – Deputy PM resigns

Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister and Environment Minister, Isabella Lövin, announced her resignation on Wednesday. Not only did Lövin leave the government, she also stepped down from her position as co-leader of The Green Party, which has followed the model of twin male-female leadership.

Lövin first entered politics in 2009 when she was elected MEP for a five-year-term. She then joined the Swedish government for six years and became her party’s co-lead for four.

The former prominent journalist and author said she was stepping down for personal reasons, saying she was looking forward to having more time for writing and family, it was reported in an article published by the broadsheet Aftonbladet.

The Green Party’s current political landscape is also a reason for her retirement. While Sweden’s Green Party has seen a downward trend for years, as it hasn’t been able to ‘surf’ the Greta Thunberg wave, environmental issues seem to have completely disappeared from the daily political agenda amid the coronavirus crisis.

In 2014, the Green Party joined the government but saw a drop in popularity in the 2018 elections from 6.9% to 4.4%. And with the latest poll showing that only 4.1% of the electorate would back the party in an upcoming election, passing the 4% threshold for a seat in parliament is not guaranteed.

According to Lövin, the Greens must raise their profile and credibility also in other issues such as employment, defence, education, migration and healthcare. Kick-starting a campaign for the 2022 elections requires fresh faces.

(Pekka Vänttinen |

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