Uber manager nominated for digital cabinet post in Slovenia

Based out of Warsaw, Andrijanič currently has a dual role at Uber. [Twitter/@MBAndrijanic]

A manager for US tech giant Uber has been nominated for a new cabinet post in Slovenia charged with overseeing the country’s digital transformation as the head of the digital transformation office, a new government department.

“Digital transformation is a demanding and strategically important process that requires a lot of inter-ministerial coordination,” Prime Minister Janez Janša said as he announced the nomination of Mark Boris Andrijanič for minister without portfolio.

Based out of Warsaw, Andrijanič currently has a dual role at Uber, as head of safety policy for Europe, the Middle East and Africa and head of public policy for Central and Eastern Europe. He also chairs the Strategic Council for Digitalisation, an advisory body to the government.

Slovenia plans to spend over a fifth of the €2.5 billion in funds under its national recovery and resilience plan for digitalisation, mostly of the public administration, education and the health sector.

The nomination came right after the government suffered a major defeat when a new waters act was voted down in a referendum with an overwhelming majority. But while the government has been relegated to minority status in parliament, an ordinary majority in parliament is required to appoint a minister.

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