US ambassador convinced Montenegrin government respects NATO protocols

MOntenegro in NATO. [Shutterstock/gorGolovniov]

“When it comes to appointments, I will not comment on them. But, I am convinced that the Government respects NATO protocols,” said the US Ambassador to Montenegro, Judy Rising Reinke, speaking about the changes in the security sector.

Montenegro is a NATO partner and the government has taken on the obligations from the membership in the Alliance, she said, adding that the US considers the security sector to be important.

Asked whether the US policy towards Montenegro could be changed with Joe Biden now in the White House, Rising said “the policy towards the Balkans is consistent. We want to see Montenegro capable of continuing its path towards the EU, and we will continue to support that.” 

We also want to see Montenegro that is inclusive and respects the will of the citizens,” the ambassador added.  (Željko Trkanjec |


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