Vaccination rate drops by 40% after mandates come into force

Romania has received more than 28.6 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines since the end of 2020, but less than 60% were used for its own people. [EPA-EFE / WOJTEK JARGILO]

The vaccination rate in Albania dropped 40% in October compared to September and August, as the country struggles to reach even 50% coverage with anti-COVID-19 vaccines.

In September, the government-mandated vaccinations for students over 18, healthcare workers, teachers, police, and state administration. But instead of encouraging vaccinations, it seems to have had the opposite effect.

Currently, 47% of the population over 18 have had one dose of a vaccine, while only 41.3% have received both doses. Over 60s are the most vaccinated in terms of demographics, mainly because they are a priority group for vaccination.

Takeup among youngsters remains concerningly low despite a slight increase in students getting vaccinated. Government mandates did little to encourage people and resulted in protests and outrage on social media.

(Alice Taylor |

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