Vaccination will not be mandatory in Romania, says Health Minister

A Romanian young man approaches the entrance to a Covid-19 Marathon Vaccination For Life II organized at Children Palace venue in Bucharest, Romania, 29 October 2021. [EPA-EFE/ROBERT GHEMENT]

The vaccination against COVID-19 remains very important, but it should not be mandatory in Romania, the health minister Akexandru Rafila said.

”I strongly recommend vaccination, but I do not think that making it mandatory would be adequate, at least in Romania. I believe we should work more on the information side,” Rafila told the Antena3 TV news station, adding the government will launch several information campaigns to answer common questions related to vaccines.

The minister said the current vaccines are not stoping virus transmission, but they are efficient in preventing many deaths and the overcrowding of the health system.

He added that annual vaccination could be recommended later if available vaccines cover the dominating variant of the coronavirus, and they should primarily address the main risk categories.

Meanwhile, the number of cases increased significantly over the past week in Romania, with Rafila saying the fifth pandemic wave has already arrived.

“Obviously, we entered the fifth wave. We were having a few hundred cases a day, now we have a few thousand infections a day. Even if the situation seems stable for now, it doesn’t mean the situation is normal,”  he said.

Rafila also said that the increase rate is one of the highest in Europe, so there are no reasons for relaxation.

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