VIENNA – Opposition criticises Chancellor Kurz for holding lockdown event

 When Chancellor Sebastian Kurz visited a village in the far-west of Austria on Wednesday (13 May), he had been followed by a crowd of villagers, many of whom had failed to respect the mandatory one metre social distance rule between one another. Although Kurz asked them to stand further apart, the images of him holding an event during the lockdown infuriated the opposition. 

On Wednesday (13 May), liberal party NEOS announced it would file a legal complaint for the breach of lockdown measures before reconsidering.

“I will not confront dozens of private people with complaints just so that Kurz can put the blame on them”, NEOS deputy chair Sepp Schellhorn tweeted on Thursday (14 May). Instead, NEOS and the Social Democrats will file a parliamentary inquiry into the event’s organisation.

(Philipp Grüll |

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