WARSAW – Back to school?

It remains unclear whether Polish students will return to regular school classes for this school year, particularly as the government’s guidance on their re-opening appears to be conflicting.

While the existing school closure regulation is still valid until 24 May, some classes are set to be resumed as part of the country’s third stage of lifting lockdown measures from 25 May.

These include practical classes taught in post-secondary schools, trade schools, technical schools, as well as in extracurricular classes, including in community centres.

From 25 May, children from grades 1-3 are also to return to school, but there will be no compulsory lessons yet.

However, the country’s Deputy Education Minister, Maciej Kopećin, told Wirtualna Polska in an interview yesterday (14 May) that students will not return in this school year.

An ordinance is being prepared that will “extend the restriction on the functioning of schools until 26 June, i.e. until the end of teaching classes”, Kopećin said.

(Anna Wolska | EURACTIV.pl)

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