WARSAW – Duda in Washington

Polish President Andrzej Duda landed in Washington on Wednesday (24 June) for a meeting with US President Donald Trump. Nothing new, however, was agreed. Trump repeated that a some US troops (most probably 1,000) will be directed to Poland, but this has been the topic of discussion between the two countries for at least for a year. 

While the two leaders reiterated their security cooperation and pledged to develop it further, Trump said he “hoped Duda will succeed” in the upcoming presidential elections set for Sunday (28 June).

Although Duda noted the importance of the US military presence for Poland and Europe as a whole, Trump criticised neighbouring Germany for spending too little and confirmed that the number of US troops in Germany will be capped at 25,000. 

As for the nuclear plant that was supposed to be built in Poland, both countries signed a deal to conduct a project work on the plant, which is only a vague promise for further action in the future. Trump said that in the near future such a deal will be signed.

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