WARSAW – Election violated Constitution and other laws

The Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw ruled that by commissioning the Polish Post Office to organise correspondence elections in May, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki had violated the Constitution, the Electoral Code and the Act on the Council of Ministers, as well as other pieces of legislation.

Based on the PM’s decision, the Polish Post requested that the local authorities provide it with voter lists, which were issued by many local government officials.

However, while the postal elections did not take place in May, the court’s decision made it clear that the government not only broke the law but also committed serious mismanagement.

Besides, PLN 70 million were wasted on printing the unnecessary election packages.

Andrzej Duda won a narrow victory in a run-off presidential election over pro-EU Warsaw mayor Rafał Trzaskowski.

Duda received 51.08% of the vote while his centre-right opponent Trzaskowski trailed with 48.92% of the vote.

The tight race in Poland further revealed that the country continues to be deeply divided.

(Mateusz Kucharczyk/Barbara Bodalska | EURACTIV.pl)

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