Whereabouts of migrants pushed back into Belarus still unknown

According to the Polish border guards, the migrants “were escorted according to the procedure to the border”. [EPA-EFE / Marcin Onufryjuk]

The whereabouts of the 20 migrants, including eight children, who were pushed back into Belarus on 28 September after they had first been escorted to a temporary refuge in Poland’s eastern town of Michałowo, remains unknown.

According to the Polish border guards, the migrants “were escorted according to the procedure, to the border”.

Oko.press said on 4 October that at least one family with two young children were found safe back in Poland.

Meanwhile, the situation has sparked considerable debate. Law and Justice (PiS) ministers informed the general public that the migrants are “Lukashenka-sent sexual deviants”, to which the opposition asked, “where are the children?” some of whom are under six years old.

It was revealed that the ministers used false information during the press conference and may have committed an offence by using inappropriate photographs.

The ombudsman for civil rights, Marcin Wiącek, visited the border region, which remains under strict control with no access for journalists, doctors, or NGOs. He appealed to the government to “respect the ban on mass deportations” and to respect the human dignity of migrants.

The spokesperson for children’s rights, Mikołaj Pawlak, a PiS appointee, denied claims regarding the situation. He said, “there are no pushbacks” and “the migrants want to travel to Germany to request refugee status there”.

During a prestigious literary award known as Nike, many guests held a piece of paper during the entire show that read, “where are the Children from Michałowo?”

Grzegorz Piątek, a writer, spoke from the event: “This entire fascist bullshit we are all in will end one day. We need to be ready to start building this better reality from day one,” he said.

(Piotr Maciej Kaczyński | EURACTIV.pl)

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