ZAGREB – 2021 defence budget remains unchanged

Defence Minister Mario Banožić said he would push for keeping his ministry’s budget for 2021 the same as this year “so that we can retain the current material rights and make additional steps forward in projects for the modernisation and equipment of the Croatian army.” The coronavirus budget would have an impact on the country’s defence budget, Banožić  added.

Speaking of valuable projects, the defence minister mentioned the building of patrol boats and the procurement of engines for and overhaul of missile boats. He also mentioned the drafting and adoption of a development plan for the Armed Forces from 2022 to 2033. “In doing so, we need to take into account our commitments from NATO’s capability targets”, the minister said.

However, Banožić denied information about US company ProAero having submitted an official bid to procure 12 used F-16 jets for the Croatian Air Force worth between $140-170 million, saying that the bids would be submitted next week. (Željko Trkanjec |

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