ZAGREB – “Intensive and open communication in the years to come”

Croatia’s Andrej Plenković told foreign diplomats at a reception that he expects “intensive and open communication in the years to come”.

Plenković also hopes his peers will help towards “strengthening the economy” and building “a tolerant society and resolving open questions with our neighbours, strengthen the relations between Croatia and your countries.”

The prime minister said that the new majority in parliament, formed by the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ-EPP), ethnic minority MPs and several liberal parties, “is positioned so that it allows for a policy that is responsible, inclusive and conducive to a tolerant society.”

“Representatives of ethnic minorities are not only adequately represented in parliament as the highest representative body, but they can – by participating in governance – also implement those priorities that will make the lives of our fellow citizens from those minorities even better,” Plenković said.

“That is not only a message in Croatia, but also in countries around it, especially in Southeast Europe, as a model and way of functioning that best reflects universal and European values shared by the Croatian government,” he added. (Željko Trkanjec |

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