ZAGREB – New parliament constituted

A total of 151 newly-elected MPs have been sworn in on the first founding session of the 10th Croatian Sabor and Gordan Jandroković was elected as the speaker of the house with 143 votes in favour, none against and one abstention.

Željko Reiner, Ante Sanader and Furio Radin were chosen from the ruling majority quota, while both Rajko Ostojić from SDP and former folk singer Miroslav Škoro from the Homeland Movement party were picked from the opposition quota.

Ostojić’s appointment was unanimously supported, while Škoro’s vote saw two MPs abstain and radical left MP Katarina Peović vote against.

And although several SDP MPs voted in favour of Škoro’s appointment, despite him being a candidate of the hard right, a few social-democrats chose to leave the chamber during the vote in order to avoid participating in the decision.

Several committees have already been set up, but the biggest challenge was the European affairs committee, the leadership of which was given to the opposition.

Left-wing and right-wing MPs from the opposition disagreed with the appointment of Bojan Glavašević from the green-left platform We Can as the chair of the committee.

The proposal prompted Homeland Movement whip, Milan Vrkljan, to oppose his appointment, and publicly state that opposition parties had not been consulted, leading to the voting session being postponed for the next sitting.

In the parliamentary elections which took place on 5 July, Croatia elected a total of 151 MPs, of whom 34 women, and 117 men. The new parliament’s youngest elected official is SDP’s 30-year-old Marina Opačak Bilić, while HDZ MP Miroslav Tuđman, who happens to be the son of Croatia’s first president, is the oldest to have a seat in parliament.

(Tea Trubić Macan,

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