ZAGREB – Tense elections ahead

According to the most recent polls conducted for three out of the eleven constituencies in Croatia, the outcome of this summer’s COVID-19 parliamentary elections on 5 July is impossible to call.

The two biggest parties, Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ, EPP) and the opposition coalition Restart (S&D) are still the most popular options, but new players have also emerged.

Thus far, the opposition led by the Social Democratic Party holds a small advantage, but Plenković’s HDZ is a close second.

New right-wing party Homeland Movement, led by former folk singer Miroslav Škoro, is the third most popular choice nationwide.

Right-wing party Bridge, the left-green coalition We Can and liberal coalition Party with a name and surname are currently around the 5%-threshold per constituency.

The biggest battle for right-wing voters is likely to occur in the eastern region of Slavonija, where HDZ has been the most popular political choice since the country’s independence, but Miroslav Škoro, himself a Slavonian, is successfully winning over the voters.

The left-wing has unified hoping to defeat HDZ, but the biggest battle is going to occur in Zagreb’s first constituency among Restart coalition and We Can.

The poll has shown that even though Croats are frustrated with mainstream parties and are constantly calling for their fall, they still prefer choosing the known and familiar options over numerous newly formed parties across the ideological spectrum.

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković has been struggling to respond to the increased number of newly infected COVID-19 patients, while the opposition is failing to take advantage of his lack of success. (Tea Trubić Macan,

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