Global youth and post-pandemic futures

Young people with face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. [Shutterstock/Halfpoint]

From climate hazards and COVID-19 to protests for racial justice and the rise of identity politics – the past year has left a mark on the young generation.

The effects of the pandemic particularly affect young people, they exacerbate existing inequalities and could reduce the productive potential of an entire generation, the International Labour Organisation has warned.

At the same time, younger generations are pleading for the recovery plans to be in line with climate commitments, seeking to make sure that no-one is left behind and the voice of youth is heard.

Although seven in 10 young people said they feel uncertain about their future, with 40% saying the future feels more uncertain than a year ago, according to a recent poll, 76% of young respondents feel positive about their future and 91% want to make the most of what comes next for them beyond 2020.

This event report looks into the key issues that will shape the future of the next generations in a post-pandemic world.

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