CEEP: Join us at the Public Services Summit – 12 December, Brussels

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CEEP represents at European level employers and providers of public services and services of general interest.

Our members provide essential services such as energy, public transport, water, healthcare, social services or education. They therefore play a key role in ensuring citizens’ quality of life.

In the face of demographic change and digitalisation, CEEP members support the competitiveness of our industries and our economy. They do create and protect employment.

Public services are also central actors to fight and mitigate climate change, and reconnect the 3 pillars of ‘Sustainability’ – the economy, the social and the environment.
Due to their proximity to economic and social actors, they can foster the social acceptance of sustainability, from the very local to the European level.

As such, CEEP and its members must be placed at the heart of the ambition for an ever-stronger social market economy.

All these important topics will be at the heart of the Public Services Summit, on 12th December. This is a full-day event that will bring together CEEP members, other actors in the public services sphere, and high-level decision-makers from the European and national levels. This will be our chance to put SGI and public services at the very top of the agenda of the next EU cycle.

For more information, check our Twitter and our website. But more importantly, save the date and join us on the 12th December.

Twitter: @ceep_eu
Website: www.ceep.eu

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