#Media4Democracy: ‘VP Democracy’ for Sound Platforms & Independent Media

Following the EU Elections, it will be clear if online platforms were used to influence the outcome. Newly elected MEPs will have the opportunity to review the future strategy for the media sector, ensuring its sustainability and support to democracy. They may wish to create a media intergroup.

The current EU priority of a ‘’Digital Single Market’’ has not prevented disinformation and populism, nor the demise of many media. More can be done. Now is a chance to propose a new “top 10 priority” that MEPs and the incoming Commission can support. This could be endorsed by the next President and stressed at the Commissioners’ hearings. A draft formulation of this priority could be: Democracy in a digital world: sound platforms and independent media.

The EU can help improve the ecosystem of platforms, the media sector and advertising. This would help level the playing field and safeguard press freedom.

Keynotes and two panels discussed the following questions:

– What are the lessons learned from the 2014-2019 mandate?
– Did the EU Elections campaign provide new insights?
– How can policymakers best regulate the platforms? Is a ‘carrot’ or ‘stick’ approach more desirable?
– Does a healthy EU media sector require subsidies or a balanced ecosystem?
– Which policy mix is required for 2019-2024? Could it help deliver a ‘European Public Space’?

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