Tweets of the Week: People power, Maggie manoeuvring and sock-gate

Today, we’re looking at people power, Maggie manoeuvring and sock-gate.

We start in the Czech republic where a reported 250,000 people were on the streets protesting against embattled PM Andrej Babis. James Shotter shared this incredible picture of the crowds.

Joyce Karam tweeted out amazing drone footage from the Prague protests. It’s been called the biggest rally since communist era Czechoslovakia.

The European Greens gave their full support to the protesters, who were calling for Babis to resign over allegations of corruption.

Babis survived a no confidence vote in the end but that could be far from the end of the story.

People power was in full flow in Istanbul too, where Ekrem Imamoglu was elected mayor in a re-run of the city’s elections. He defeated the ruling party’s candidate. Again.

The new mayor told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that “no one will be able to interfere with elections to such an extent again”.

It was worse news in Hungary though, where the final graduation ceremony was held for the Central European University in Budapest. The seat of learning is moving to Vienna. George Soros’ son told students that he couldn’t wait for Hungary to become a democratic country again.

EU leaders resume their wrangling over the top jobs this weekend. One of the candidates, Margrethe Vestager got the backing of the new Danish PM to stay in Brussels even if she doesn’t land the big prize.

She said she was happy to get the nod while former PM and a darkhorse in the top job race herself, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, said she will do a fantastic job.

One political commentator who doesn’t think she will do a great job is a certain president of the United States. Trump believes that Vestager hates America more than anyone else he’s ever met. Presumably that includes Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.

As an amuse-bouche to the summit, Brussels journalists gave some sage advice to the Council. Evan Lamos pleaded with them to stop having meetings that end at 2 in the morning.

They seemed to have listened but it now means that the summit could last all the way until breakfast. Jorge Valero suggested a rave party to celebrate the new appointments.

I’m pretty sure that’s a gig that Jorge would kill to get.

We just hope proceedings can live up to last weekend’s. Andrew Duff drew attention to one of the weirdest and best pressers between Juncker and Donald Tusk ever.

Jean-Claude was also in fine form this week, when a journalist asked Slovakia’s first woman president, Zuzana Čaputova if she was stressed after changing clothes 3 times. Odd question to ask in 2019 but Juncker stepped in and revealed that he was on to his third shirt of the day too.

And it was a week of EU lookalikes. A meeting between Council presidents old and current prompted Danny Kemp to say he wasn’t sure about this Simon and Garfunkel reunion.

While Jorge’s trip down memory lane reminded us all of how youthful Guy Verhofstadt and Jean-Claude Juncker used to look.

It prompted a period of self-reflection by Georgi Gotev, who realised that 1997 Jean-Claude looks awfully familiar…

Finally, even the most noble efforts to keep Tweets of the Week Brexit- and Boris-free are sometimes doomed to failure, this edition is unfortunately no exception. But just check out the UK’s probable next prime minister regaling us about how he makes model buses out of cardboard boxes during his free time.

John Elledge gave probably the most logical appraisal of what prompted this frankly baffling revelation by Johnson.

But it was his choice of socks that prompted an in-depth inquest by John Stevens, who noticed that Johnson was wearing the same pair for days on end.

A spokesperson was quick to deny that it was the same pair of socks, insisting there were multiple pairs.

Turns out, the socks depict an ancient ruler who once called himself, “King of the World” Possibly in keeping with how Johnson sees himself.

Unfortunately for any of you wannabe global emperors out there, the British Museum has sold out of the socks.

And it would be rude not to acknowledge a notable birthday, even if it is a child that most people don’t want. That’s right, Brexit turns three this week. A front page from Libe shared by Darren McAffrey still sums matters up quite perfectly. .

I’m Sam Morgan, thanks for joining me. I’m heading back into cold storage to ride out the heatwave. Jen is back next week.

Ciao for now

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