Tweets of the week: Scholz, Rule of Law, EU Africa Summit

It’s another big table as Scholz has to slum it, #RuleofLaw discourse continues to plummet, and leaders are in town for EU Africa Summit.

On Tuesday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz headed to Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss the ongoing crisis at the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Scholz refused a Russian PCR test so he got the long table treatment from Putin reported Uliana Pavlova.




But Steve Rosenberg pointed out that noting the furniture and distance to Putin has become an integral part of Kremlin-watching. Macron and Scholz almost needed binoculars to see him! 


And dozens of tweeters couldn’t resist filling the space with everything from sushi…

… to luggage… 

…to tanks!


We get it! It’s a big table.

Pablo Pérez spotted that Renato from Italy and Vicente from Spain were both claiming they made the table. 


But Deniz had other ideas.


Good news for Bolsonaro: he took a Russian PCR test and gets to sit at the Little Table with Putin.

Bad news: Russia now has his DNA and can (apparently) make a poison that will kill only him, quipped ​​Max Seddon.



On Wednesday, the EU’s top court dismissed a legal challenge from Budapest and Warsaw to a EU law linking bloc funds to rule of law standards.


Tom Fillis said it was “excellent news”, but just the start of a longer battle against the threat to the Rule Of Law in the EU.


BREAKING: ECJ, Polish Supreme Court agree to settle it by pistols at dawn, snarked Martini Seltzermayr.


But not everyone was joking!

Bulgarian MEP ​​Angel Dzhambazki described the ruling as “an abomination,” saying it was “a whip against the nation states you despise.”


He then left the Hemicycle in the Parliament like this:


No your eyes don’t deceive you. That was an actual Nazi salute in the European Parliament!

Chris Powerssaid Djambazki is many things. An “Angel” is not one of them. 


Dave Keating reported that European Parliament President, Roberta Metsolais preparing a censure against the Bulgarian MEP. While he claims that he was only “humbly waving to the chair.”


Yeah, right!

Finally this week, EU leaders are meeting in Brussels for the EU Africa summit. But it was somewhat overshadowed by a pre-summit meeting on Russia to discuss sanctions.

Martini Seltzermayr imagined Ursula von der Leyen’s preparation: “So those countries you suspended from the African Union… exactly how annoying were they being? Asking for a friend”

Emmanuel Macron CANCELS EU-Africa Summit After Failing Today’s Wordle, Needs Time To Sulk, yelled Le Chou.


In reality the leaders were welcomed by a rare bit of sun for the summit.


But Jack Parrock noticed that African leaders are entering through a different door of a different building to European leaders. Apparently due to Covid restrictions, but it’s really bad optics…


Traffic chaos in Brussels Schuman, police motorcycle outriders screeching for EU-Africa summit. Just like old times, reported Aoife White

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