Tweets of the Week: Strasbourg attack, democracy challenged in Hungary, and Theresa May

Outrage over Strasbourg attack, democracy in Hungary continues to crack, and Theresa May avoids the sack.

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On Tuesday night a lone gunman carried out a horrific attack on the streets of Strasbourg. Three people were killed and several others injured.

As members of the public took refuge in restaurants and hotels

dozens of MEPs, including Claude Moraes reported that MEPs and Parliament staffers were safely locked inside the Parliament.

They remained there until after 2am as there was not enough security to escort everyone home safely.

Speaking on Wednesday, Manfred Weber‏ said the terrible events reminds us of our peaceful values to defend freedom & democracy.

The plenary also held one minute silence

and flags flew at half-mast before getting back to work.

As we record, the gunman named by police as Chérif Chekatt is still on the run.

In Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban gave himself full control over the country’s formerly independent judiciary.

Cas Mudde said this move leaves no doubt: Hungary has transformed into an authoritarian regime. But democracy didn’t die in darkness. It shamefully died in the EU spotlight.

Guy Verhofstadt‏ called the reforms “outrageous” and said enough was enough!

Orban also passed a so-called “slave law” raising the limit for enforced overtime and causing uproar and these scenes of protest inside the parliament

And these outside it

The European Parliament also called on ⁦the European Council⁩ to activate Article 7 against Hungary for a clear breach of EU values.

Viviane Reding‏ said voted in favour of the resolution because Rule of law must be the rule, not the exception!

And MEP Roberta Metsola added “Our values are not up for negotiation. Not now. Not ever.”

Finally, Theresa May had quite the week!

First she did a mini-tour of Europe, calling in on Mark Rutte in the Netherlands, Angela Merkel in Berlin, Leo Varadkar in Dublin and anyone who would see in her in Brussels before facing a no confidence vote back home… not a good look.

But even her visits didn’t go as planned.

The Prime Minister’s exit strategy failed again in Berlin and as Alan white Can confirm, Theresa May getting locked in her car is much funnier when you put the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme over it.

Though she survived the vote, James Crisp Days couldn’t help but wonder if it would just be easier for the country to be ruled by unelected bureaucrats.

But May wasn’t deterred – Berlaymonster thought her response went something like this:

Before heading back to Brussels for this week’s Brexit Council… there’s one every week now, right?

The European Parliament meanwhile issued its new#Brexit position reminding leaders that renegotiating the backstop is not possible.

So Rupert Myers produced this handy flow chart showing where we are now, and where we’re likely to be going in the coming days.

Even Silvio Berlusconi‏ says that every night he lights a candle in the hope the UK holds a new referendum, and remains in the EU.

Yup Silvio, prayers are about all we’ve got left in this shambles.

As Bruno Waterfield reported one EU diplomat saying: “We know that no matter what we do, it will have no impact on votes which depend on divisions in the Conservatives or British society.”

This week we are supported by The European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing public services who this week awarded 16 enterprises for their corporate social responsibility and commitments in Investment, Digitalisation and Integration.

That’s it for this week. Join me again next Friday for the last good, bad and ugly in the Brussels bubble Twittersphere for 2018.

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