‘The Book Club: ‘Why Europe Fails’. New book by MEP Ramon Tremosa and Aleix Sarri

In a historical context, Europe is a colossal political success. Close-up, the picture, for many, looks starkly different. Populists cry out that Europe has failed, the Union should be stopped. They are wrong. Europe is a work in progress.

Catalan MEP Ramon Tremosa and political researcher Aleix Sarri examine ways in which Europe can move forward, modernizing, aspiring again to a new ideal.

Tremosa and Sarri’s excellent academic approach to the Eurozone, cohesion and employment is a study in optimism, not despair. A frank examination of what has gone wrong, where Europe has failed, and how it can be fixed, improved and applauded.

In this interview, EURACTIV reporter Brian Maguire speaks with the authors about how the Europe they believe in can adapt.