What are Belgians doing to help Ukrainian refugees?

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, over 5.2 million people have fled the country, UNHCR reports. The vast majority of refugees headed to the EU, entering neighbouring countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary.

Others relocated to other EU countries, thanks to the Temporary Protection Directive that allows Ukrainians simplified access to protection around the Union, as of 3 March 2022.

In the past two months, 35.000 Ukrainians arrived in Belgium, RTBF reports, assisted by different governmental and non-governmental organisations. In Brussels, the refugees arriving by train are welcomed in Gare du Midi by the Red Cross, Samusocial Bruxelles, and other small organisations. They provide assistance for meeting their basic needs, registration, and in providing temporary accommodation in an orientation centre established for this purpose.

Most of the hotels in Brussels provide free accommodation for Ukrainian refugees, Samusocial says.

The organisation reports that since February, 693 people benefited from these hosting solutions in Brussels.

EURACTIV went to Gare du Midi to visit the reception and orientation centre and followed the Samusocial crew while taking Ukrainian refugees to their temporary accommodation.




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